Thursday, 6 January 2011

Margate Old Town

You can write what I know about fashion on a pin head but there is something about madampopoff vintage clothing in Margate Old Town that appeals to my sense of being right. I mention the shop some time ago on here and for some reason ended up on her new online shop this morning. Dont ask how I got there it was another one of lifes mysteries, as far as me and the internet are concerned I go on the internet and the after a few clicks I am lost into a world of adventure. Back to madampopoff I love the idea of recycling furniture, antiques etc.and love Architectural reclamation but as for vintage clothing I never gave it a thought before. Well I ended up on madampopoff vintage clothing online shop and it dawned on me this stuff is great quality well made in good condition and as cheap a chips. Don't ask how I came to be in a local department store looking at women's dresses but aint they expensive? a hundred quid and upwards, I looked at madampopoff vintage clothing and saw quality dresses and accessories for a fraction of the new price. Margate Old Town is the hub of a thriving cultural change in shopping and once that the Turner Contemporary opens in April visitors  to Thanet will have some fantastic shops and restaurants in the cultural heart of Margate. Before I finish this post I must mention Mitch at the Harbour Arm and Caitlins Beach Cruisers the family owned bike hire business. How good is that you can come to Margate to see the new Turner Contemporary Art Gallery do some shopping in the Old town have lunch on the harbour arm and hire a bike to explore the area, book into the Reading Rooms spend the night here and head back to London using the Fast train from Ramsgate. That's someones weekend sorted. I have linked several website to this post via Barnys Kent free ads site 

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