Thursday, 13 January 2011

I have installed a countdown to Turner Centre Opening

In the side bar I have installed a countdown ticker to show how soon it will be till the Turner Contemporary opens its doors. I for one am looking forward to it opening and unlike an anon blogger on Michaels blog who appeared anti everything I plan to be a regular visitor. I wish people would embrace change Margate has a fantastic future but people seem to be so against things they dont understand. I would love to see the football ground redeveloped and the Hotel built but if people do not embrace change it wont happen. And then they moan that there is nothing here , you cant make an omelet without breaking an egg is a saying that is very apt I think. Some people would like us to still be in the 1960's with coach trippers and kiss me quick hats. Thanet District  council has many failings but they have the sincere wish to see Thanet change for the better, I know not everyone agrees with how they go about it sometimes and that includes me but change involves breaking eggs.(that is a metaphoric eggs)

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