Thursday, 6 January 2011

Honey and Multiple Sclerosis

I always listen to Radio Two in the mornings and this morning Richard Madeley who is standing in for Chris Evans was on about Honey. Not just any old honey BUT manuka honey I dont understand what is so magical about the stuff but manuka honey is reckoned to be wonderful for all that ails you. I looked up Honey and Multiple Sclerosis on Google and sure enough pages of things to cure me of my MS. 271,000 Results no less. I dont know if it helps but people try anything and I must admit to being partial to a drop of honey so I  recon I will add it to the list of crackpot ideas to cure MS that I have tried. As of yet my MS has just got progressively worse but hey ho nothing ventured nothing gained etc etc. I did try Bee Propolis some couple of years ago. Once again no improvement but I did part with lots of beer tokens to buy the unusual tasting tablets that are reckoned to be natures natural antibiotics. Once again I never witnessed any improvement and as for  natural antibiotic I suffered a nasty urine infection for which my doctor prescribed some factory made antibiotics made under bee free conditions. SO what do you think the chances of manuka honey curing my MS ? I dont expect it to make much if any difference but I still love honey so it I wont be to bad ehh?


  1. One thing for sure is that at £10 or more for a 500g jar it will soon reduce your bank balance.

  2. That is going to be the problem I dont like spending money.

  3. Keep seeking Don. I believe in the ability for the body to repair itself. There are (rare) examples of this occurring.
    Along with all the various methods, choose to believe it can happen. Lets face it, you have nothing to lose by doing that.
    Here's wishing you blessings abound.


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