Friday, 7 January 2011

Five a day confusion

I had some fruit with my cereal this morning, all nice and chopped up in a packet from Tesco's kiwi fruit orange grapes etc you get picture on the label it says I of your five a day. I struggled to eat half of it after my cereal and then I worked it out if that packet which contains 300 grams is one of my five a day I needed to eat 1.5 kilo of fruit to be on my target of five a day THATS LOTS. I thought I should investigate and on getting online I googled FIVE A DAY and first up was NHS live well and on looking up portion size I found I portion as recommended by the NHS is 80g. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions. Sorry about the picture the Tutti Frutti collection looked a lot better before I had eaten some of it . In fairness I did check the Tesco website and they also recommend 80g a portion so where do you go from here?


  1. Was this enlivened with honey as per your earlier post?

  2. No Tony not bought any honey yet and at the price it is I need to start saving.

  3. Don at breakfast my concessions to healthy eating are, semi skimmed milk on my corn flakes, cutting the fat off my bacon and slapping a bit more marmalade on my toast for a bit more fruit.

    As you know I went to a boarding school for the disabled, we tried a few alternative health remedies on pretty much every major form of permanent disablement without any significant result.


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