Thursday, 6 January 2011

Feed the birds

My new bird feeding station has fallen over! My wife wont go out in the pouring rain to  put it back up. I dont spoose too many birds will venture into my garden untill the rain stops but I still think she is a meanie, I would do it for her. On a serious note please please do feed the birds, not just bread bit  cut apples into small pieces put up a penut or seed feeder and suet or fatballs attract loads of birds . It is of course good for birds to be fed and it possibly makes us humans feel good feeding them so all in all a win win situation.

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  1. I do so agree with this post, lets feed the birds when food is scarce for them. You made me smile about your wife not wanting to go out in the rain Don. It reminded me of a joke someone just sent me, which made me laugh. I won't retell it very well but basically a man is telling his friend on the phone that the snow is piling up and his wife keeps looking through the window. He adds, "If this snow gets any higher I'm going to have to let her back in!" Ba-bum! Have a great day. Denise xxx


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