Monday, 3 January 2011

Ems Cupcakes and vanilla pod history

Do you ever get lost into the Internet? I just did and I thought I should tell you all about it. I was looking at my web stats on my google webmaster tools and noticed I get lots of links from a post I did about Ems Cupcakes. So I looked at Ems Website and on reading it ended up searching for Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, 

Who Em says are the finest ingredient makers. I have no knowledge of cake ingredients but at 8 quid a small bottle they ought to be pretty darn good. Well this is where I got a history lesson did you know that the Vanilla Pod originates from Mexico and was stolen from the Totanaco Indians by the Aztecs! No I didn't think you would know that or even what happened next, but when you get lost on the Internet like I have today you can learn loads of interesting but useless  information. The best thing about this is that Em makes  scrummy cupcakes and I have put an advert on Barnys free ads site click here to find Ems Cupcakes via Barny's site

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