Saturday, 8 January 2011

Dont you just love ebay

My son changed his car today and  decided to fit the radio from his old car to the new car SIMPLES. He dug out the special tools to remove the old one tried to take it out , came back in for the proper tools went back out and took the radio out. On getting in to the new car he finds he needs an adaptor for the wires two sets of wires into one  HMMMMMM Halfords. So a trip to Halfords ensues and after a while son heads back empty handed. Not got one asks me. Oh yes they have one and want 30 quid for it replies son. Ebay seemed the natural place to look and low and behold  afore mentioned wires that Halfords want thirty quids for are there in abundance Hundreds of em from £2.95  up to posh ones at a fiver yep a full twenty five English pounds cheaper and guess wot  my son will not have a radio in his new wheels till the postman brings him the new lead next week.


  1. Looks like he may be a DAB hand at this. But it wont be too many years (2015) when all those FM/AM radios will be obsolete.

  2. I know its no long is it? And manufacturers still put am/fm radios in cars. I cant believe it , it can only be for profit.

  3. It arrived yesterday and he put it in straight after work so he is a happy boy now.


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