Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Cats in Crisis Identity crisis dog thinks he is a cat

poor Leo thinks he is a cat
Identity theft has become big business of late but I never knew it occurred in canines. Cats in Crisis Thanet rescue CATS but poor Leo a border Collie has been rescued and need a new home. Read all about Leo's plight on the Cats in Crisis Thanet website. I wish we could give him a home as he looks like my childhood pet Sweep who chased cars and was useless with sheep. Enough of my past if you can help re home Leo or any of his feline friends get on to Cats in Crisis Thanet on 01843 299295 or email them on  cic.thanet@gmail.com


  1. Hi Don, just want to say thanks for promoting us on Promote Thanet. And while we specialise in cats (and lately rescuing wildlife), we do sometimes try to home dogs as well.

  2. He looks adorable and I hope he gets a home very soon. We had a dog like him too. Skipper used to follow the fishman all over town walking next to the chap's wheelbarrow.

  3. CiC You do a great job and I wish you every sucsess in finding homes for all of your charges, I wish I could help more.

    Denise Skipper sounds a character. I love both cats and dogs but unfortunatley Heather is allergic and suffers dreadfully sneezes and swollen eyes.

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  5. Hi Don, I've just posted an update on Leo. We hope we have found a home for him (a previous place didn't work out as he was too boisterous). However, the poor guy had to have an operation today and we are hoping to raise some funds towards it. If you could help us spread the work that would be fantastic - thank you!


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