Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Wikileaks fiasco helps free ads site

Wikileaks and the TV coverage front page comments etc has helped at least one local business. Barnys free ads site has boomed since the wikileak boom. Why is the question I ask? the answer is simple visitors.If you get more visitors you get more business. Barny mentioned wikileaks and got several more visitors, The more he mentioned it the bigger the increase. SEO is a strange beast and so many facets to it that I don't know how it works but by including relevant news articles in your website and changing the Meta tags etc to be relevant with the news content will bring more searches. If you don't change your website it becomes stale the spiders that check your site check it less often and eventually they virtually give up. So the best thing you can do is follow and update your HTML metatags and also place an ad on Barny's free ads site so the search engines are linked back to your site and they see your changes.


  1. Don much more useful than I first thought, I checked your meta tags and you don’t seem to have any, so I checked mine they seem to have vanished too, probably when I changed the blog design.

  2. Ah I tried sorting that today to no avail if you sort yours let me know how I gave up and went back to pointless blogging both on Google and wordpress


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