Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Two days in bed

I have just got up having spent yesterday and today in bed. I am full of a cold and it wont be long before I return to my pit. I am knocked for six the smallest of infections, the MS kicks in and says gotch ya and I go ridged unable to move sometimes for days. Multiple sclerosis is a strange beast attacking and stripping your nervous system of its protective coating. I have heard it likened to stripping the plastic insulation off of an electric cable. Once the coating which around your nerves is called myelin has holes in it your nerves actually behave like stripped electrical cable and short out. The reason that it is so similar is because your nervous system actually works by electrical stimulation and once your body's electrical impulses start leaking out of the holes in the myelin your nervous system begins to misbehave and you never know how it will surface, one day the short circuit will show as a twitch or a shake another as a stutter or slurred speech or as is often the case with me the inability to even lift an arm or a leg off of the bed. I love  my MS if I didn't love it I would hate it, and that hate would tear me apart even more so than the disease itself.


  1. Wondered where you were Don, hope you get over it soon and are back to your normal blogging self.

    As for the MS I don’t think there is anything useful I can say, I wish there was.

  2. Sorry to hear you have not been feeling too good Don,hope you start to feel a bit better soon.
    It amazes me how you are always so upbeat about your MS but as you stated if you hated it that would only make things worse,it will make me think about whingeing the next time i have "man flu"

  3. So sorry you are laid low, Don. Like CBC I too am amazed at the way you tackle your illness and the continuing contribution you make to Thanet's blogging and life in general.

    Keep warm and come back from the sick bed soon.

  4. Thanks folks, sorry I was feeling a bit down so I gave the MS an airing. I am much better today so LET THE BLOGGING RESUME.

  5. Don, you cope so well with such an awful disease. You have a positive attitude and that is so important. I pray that this time will pass quickly and you will feel better soon. God loves you and we all care about you, too!


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