Friday, 31 December 2010

TWITTER parking in family bay or disabled bay

This was posted on twitter earlier today Yet more selfish behaviour, middle-aged man with no kids in last family space.
I am disabled and in a wheelchair most of the time and on crutches the rest so I tend to notice when able bodied people use disabled bays. I remember whem this was on ECR blog how people dislike disabled people getting parking near the entrance of car parks or stores. All I can say is they would like disability even more, I am up for a swop if they can arrange it. Family bay parking is there for familys with kids and pushchairs so kids are safe.

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  1. Hi Don it was quite apt seeing your blog today,as i just received a reply from Kensington and Chelsea Council regarding a parking ticket i was given.
    It was the week before Christmas i got a ticket whilst displaying my Dad`s "Blue Badge" in my car while taking him to one of his appointments at the Marsden Hospital, today K&C council kindly cancelled the ticket !


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