Saturday, 18 December 2010

Stuck indoors

I am still stuck indoors, my world seems to be getting smaller I haven't been out of the house for six weeks and now I am stuck in my bedroom, GRRRRRRRRRRR. I have an infection and can hardly move , when I was downstairs last it took half an hour and three of us to move me back to bed ,so until I am moving better I am staying upstairs.I have been browsing the blogs and came across this article for a crop walk. Obviously the word WALK drew me straight to it and I was not disappointed click here to read article and play YouTube clip. I cant wait till the weather improves (two inches of snow today) and summer to come so I can go on something similar on my scooter. Saint Pauls in Northdown road often have prayer walks for Cliftonville and Thanet and I am looking forward to being able to go on one


  1. Sorry to hear you are still feeling poorly Don,hope you start to pick up soon.

  2. Healing thoughts and prayers to you Don - it sounds like a horrible infection. Hopefully you will be out and about again very soon.

  3. Thanks folks I am getting fed up with this grrrrrrrrrrr


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