Sunday, 12 December 2010

Social Tourism

Having been asleep for most of the weekend I am still up and blogging now when most others are tucked up in bed. I just checked my email and found that Laura Sandys is going to Extoll the virtues of  all seaside towns but Thanet in particular here is a copy of the missive:-

Laura Sandys MP Calls for Seaside Towns to be Marketed All Year Round
Extolling the virtues of Thanet’s attractions, Laura Sandys MP calls on the Minister for Tourism to increase support for Britain’s seaside towns.
In a debate tomorrow, Laura will highlight the need to market seaside towns all year round to boost the tourism sector during the out of season months. With successful marketing, seaside towns could help secure year round employment and improve conditions for small shops, restaurants and hotels.
Laura will ask the Minister to focus on three main policies:
·         Visit Britain and Visit England must start viewing seaside towns as more than just a summer resort.
·         The benefits of Social Tourism – a concept common across Europe which has increased the out of season market by 15% in Spain and generated an additional 3 billion euros in France.
·         The benefits of the Daylight Saving Bill for tourism. Evidence shows that an additional hour in the winter months would create an extra 80,000 jobs in the tourism industry.
Ahead of the debate, Laura said: “With the right sort of support from Government, we can ensure that our much admired seaside towns are no longer left at the end of the line. Through extending the tourism season and diversifying what our resorts have to offer, we can demonstrate to visitors  that our seaside towns are open for business all year round.”


  1. I read this yesterday, and while I applaud Ms. Sandys desire to promote Thanet as a year-round destination, I think she may be using "Social Tourism" as a Buzz-Word rather than having grasped its actual meaning or implications.

    Actually, having read that, it's all as clear as mud!

    Twiglet McHugh

  2. Buzz word or not she try's hard for Thanet along with Roger they want the best for the Island


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