Friday, 3 December 2010

England, win the world cup

No I am not on about yesterdays farce I am saying WIN the world cup. Dont worry about hosting it but become the winners of the world trophy. I am sure we can do it come on England WIN WIN WIN.


  1. I blame George Osbourne for painting the economy blacker than it realy is. Who wants to hold s football tournament in a bankrupt country? Whereas Russia is on the up and will have no trouble attracting the investment the winning bid requires. Quatar is so rich it can afford to build enclosed air conditioned statiums.

  2. This was about money, but not ours, or lack of it.

    Putin probably paid FIFA to host it in Russia and as for Qatar, we'll I've been there and they aren't as rich as 11:53 would have you believe but I'll tell you one thing.... Good luck playing 90 mins of footie in 50 degrees heat!

  3. 16.57 that was the first thing my son said its too hot


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