Tuesday, 30 November 2010

This weeks Ruby Tuesday


I am stuck indoors at the moment  so when I looked round for a target I came upon these items of 
Crested China. Those who collect these Victorian and Edwardian Keepsakes will be familiar with Goss. Only one of these is a Goss figure one Arcadian and the other unmarked. They were sold in there millions as little gifts from awaydays and holidays as reminders of the town you had visited. Two of these aree for Faversham a market Town 9 miles fro Canterbury in Kent and the other is for Whitstable Famous for its Oysters also near to Canterbury. Click here to visit the RubyTuesday site.


  1. Beautiful China pieces. Is the first one an owl, how cute.

  2. Still at it Don, you as to watch it when you start identifying china ornaments as targets you know, what would she who must be obeyed say?


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