Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Thanet Internet sales

I have just come from Michaels Blog about selling his books online. The other day it was Trevor selling Houses online and on Saturday it was Madampopoff in Margate selling vintage stuff online. Yep the internet is the way to sell stuff and Barny's site is one I can recomend to use his site can be for selling in his classified section or to Promote your shop business or website, if you are organising afair or a fete church bazzar or Christmas Panto advertise it free on Kent.all-in-one-place.co.uk you can list your blogs or tweets there in fact every thing and its free. Ross lists St.Georges used cars on there and one or two other garages use it for free promotion. I see Naked in Thanet is promoting the world famous blog and of course I have a listing on there as well. Go see how you can use Barny's site to promote your web presence and remember each time you list on his site google and the other search engine find your website via a link thus making your website have better search rankings. WIN WIN

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