Saturday, 20 November 2010

Not feeling so good

I am still in my PJ's and I don't feel like I want to play today. I will go back to bed in a minute. The Electrician is just about to go, he has made good the bits and pieces today, the last finishing touches. We are now all rewired and running on new electrics. ES Electrical from Herne Bay managed to rewire my 1930's house with us still living in it with the minimum of disruption I can recommend them . When he leaves here he is going to pack for a well deserved holiday. My wife has got the house back to order and I am worn out watching. MS is like that I woke in the night feeling rough and by this morning I am rough. I suspect a urine infection is brewing, I hope not because if it is I will be bedridden until it goes. I normally walk with a zimmer frame but this morning even that is nigh impossible. Well I have got a coffee and biscuits so am going to sign off and do them Justice


  1. Ah, my. I have shared my cold with my hubby. What can you do?!
    I think got it from 3-yr. old granddaughter. She brings these things home from day care!!!!
    Rest up.

  2. Thanks for the visit. Rewiring a house can turn everything upside down.
    Hope things are back to normal. Glad you liked the drumming tape.

  3. Hi Don- thanks for coming to see me! (loved the crack about the purse! Nope- don't think it is your color!!) I am intrigued about your home restoration- sounds like a fascinating project-(probably only because I am not the one doing it! A different perspective for you I am sure. I would like to visit again to see how your home progresses.

    Sorry you don't feel well-

  4. Having a house re-wired while still living it sounds horrendous - glad you managed OK and hope things get better - must be a relief to have it over with.


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