Saturday, 13 November 2010

Margate is Fantastic

I am blogging this morning to say how lucky I am to live in this fantastic coastal town. We maybe a bit run down and tatty at the edges, yes we have more than our fair share of empty shops and lots of unemployed. But looking on the bright side these things are fantastic opportunities for people . This summer saw the first year for Caitlins Beach Cruisers on the harbour arm, Mitch will be the first to admit trading has been hard but he and his family are in it for the long haul. Saint Georges garage in Cliftonville has been resurrected and report a fair first years trade but could have done better so go and see Ross or Bob about having your car service. The Turner Contemporary is due for opening in the Spring and in My mind that can only be good. Dreamland theme park plans are underway, Ramsgate and its beautiful Harbour are undergoing change. Broadstairs is a treasure  that Thanet can be proud of and our biggest asset our miles and miles of safe sandy beaches continue to collect safety awards and Botany Bay has become a site of special scientific interest .
For those who run Thanet down myself included at times lets think of the future with the glass half full not as the glass is nearly empty. And as for the airport embrace it as our future
, encourage it and help it to attract investment talk it up you never know if we stop bitching about it others may take Thanet seriously. We have to stop relying on Pfizers as our major employer and encourage someone else to step up to the plate (sorry about the Americanism) Lets look forward at what is coming not back at what could have been. There I have linked to just a few sites that I think contribute to Thanets success I wish all of our residents a bright future.

On checking about Botany Bay SSSI  it turns out Thanet has no Less than four sites here is a clip from an English Nature document  Thanet Coast amalgamates four SSSIs: Bishopstone Cliffs Plumpudding Island
and North Thanet Coast previously notified under the 1981 Act, and North Cliff
Broadstairs notified under the 1949 Act. The site incorporates large extensions,
and part is managed by Canterbury City Council as a Country Park. Parts of this
site will also be noted in ÔA Geological Conservation ReviewÕ.

seems Thanet has more to shout about than I at first thought.

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