Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Lobsters get Lions share of Page Views but cheese had webcam

Strange I have become obsessed with stats and in the last few hours the Christmas card from Lobsters has become the most viewed page on my blog! Now I like lobster as much as the next man but why people want to send and receive Christmas cards from and too crustaceans I have not a clue.I would like to be able to release baby lobsters in the Thanet area and our fishermen to be able to capture them and earn a butter living but as for greetings cards to em NO. I would like to see our seas have protection zones and designated areas no fish zones. I have seen different ideas put forward but not much is ever done, people just seem to think that you can keep taking fish out and it is a renewable resource, unfortunately that's not the case. But what do I know I even signed up for emails from lobsters and once watched a cheese called wedgeinald mature in a cheesey webcam from a dairy in summerzet (that'll confuse the spell chucker)

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