Saturday, 13 November 2010

Kent free ads at

As you all know my mate Barny runs a free ads site called and I add a few links to it to generate business for him. Well the last month or so I have not added much for him an when he checked his links to the site no one else had added him to their links pages either so his traffic is down. Now Barny is my oldest mate no not that he is very old I know lots of people oler than him, I HAVE KNOWN HIM THE LONGEST. We met at a church youth club a whole life time ago and have been best pals ever since. Well he has always wanted to do a techie job and become a dotcom milwionaire. Well WWW.KENT-ALL-IN-ONE-PLACE.CO.UK is the best he can do, I dont think he will make millwions and millwions but it ticks over and anyone with a website can adverise for free or place free classified on the freeads section. this blog is an unadulterated advert for his site so if you feel so inclined go and have a look and click on some ads. He only earns money when someone clicks on the google ads and stays there for more than 30 seconds. Also by adding your site google gets to see it is linked back from other sites as google seaches his site hundred of times a day.Also the ads get twittered frequently thus creating more traffic and links for your site so  place your adverts today. He also has a site for boats

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