Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Internet house sales in Thanet

The Internet is a funny place, I just phoned Trevor Darbyshire of Thanet Hips because I have met him on Twitter and Blogs but never spoken. Well that has now changed and I now know he wants to become a less expensive alternative to traditonal estate agents. He advertises your house for sale via the internet much like any other estate agent and arranges veiwing etc just like an estate agent but he charges less. How ? is simple OVERHEADS! No high street offices with rent and rates he works from a computer terminal an iphone and has a digital camera. The internet is his office and he is in your front room or where ever your computer is 24/7 EVERYDAY OF THE YEAR INCLUDING Christmas Day. Give him a ring or visit his site    Thanet HIPs
Thanet  Hot Internet Properties can be found on Blogs twitter facebook etc or give Trevor a ring on T: 01843 847702     M: 07906 433132. I must say he can also be found on Barnys site Kent free ads at their best sell and buy today.

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