Friday, 12 November 2010

I cant stand Jedward but they are at the Winter Gardens Margate

As I said in the title I cant stand Jedward but for those of you out there that do like them they are on at Margate Winter Gardens this week. Billed on the Winter Gardens website as Jedward plus Support I expect the supporting act to get better reviews, but they are here in Margate and I support Margate so go along and see them, I wont be able to go as I have some paint I need to watch dry plus a kettle that I have to keep an eye on in case it ever boils. JEDWARD TICKETS AVAILABLE FOM MARGATE WINTER GARDENS


  1. Yes but do you like them Don ;) chuckle, chuckle. Nice of you to advertise their concert. Have a lovely weekend. Denise xxx

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  3. Don
    We was invited to this event via Facebook, but like you we also declined with a similar excuse.....
    we was washing our hair. :-)

  4. Thanet is a great place and I can not stand Jed ward but they are at the Winter Gardens Margate. This also shows the beauty of the area.


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