Saturday, 27 November 2010

Camera Playtime and the MS fairy

I got a new camera for my birthday and so far all I have done is point and shoot, so today I downloaded the instruction book and confused myself completely. What is HD ? why do exposure numbers make such a difference. I have read this stuff in the book but playing with it you discover a different creative world. I am stuck indoors still and decided after a bit of telly to play and play I have I have odd pictures of my electric razor and my modem, My ballance is rubbish so everything is blurred another gift from the MS fairy she has a lot to answer too when I catch up with her. Another problem I have is movement I have to crawl to alter a position of something GGRRRRRRRRRR.
Still MS aint all bad just mostly bad. I wouldn't be pl;aying around with my camera if it wasn't  for MS. So the world has lots be grateful for in the way of my rubbish blogging and my even worse photography. So that is what I am up to today. I hope your day is more entralling than mine has been so far. I am now going back to playing photographer. David Bailey I will never be my style is more that of  Mickey Mouse.


  1. Well done in your achievements despite the dreaded MS... so for your pictures are great

  2. Cheers Ken you should see the ones from this mornings play time LOL

  3. There is nothing wrong with point and shoot! I take all my photos on autofocus and do just that...point and shoot. You do have to wait for the focus. Can you set up a tripod and take photos through the windows? I take a lot of mine through windows.

  4. Don I couldn’t get on with digital cameras at all, I got used to an slr back in the 60s, then along came the digital slr, a camera for old men even wonky ones, mine has a button to take the pictures on one side and a knob that can be set to automatic on the other.

    No guesses for where the knob usually stays, it is almost camera shake proof and has a remote control to loose as well.

  5. Thanks folks for your comments, I tend to use the camera on auto but now I have discovered the other setting I am enjoying messing about much like I do with my blogging MESS AROUND.


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