Friday, 5 November 2010


I just got my phone bill today, being of a certain age I still relate to cost in pounds shillings and pence  and when I worked out that call return on 1471 was costing 16-5pence each call I was disgusted. Thats 3shillings and 4pence for a machine to recall the person who sent me the call in the place. Is anyone else in the rip off camp ? I understand they are not a charity but thats a bit rich . As for race to infinity I havent checked todays figures as my bill made me com,e over all of a quiver and I have spent the afternoon in bed (actually it was my MS but dont tell BT. let them think it was their bill that made me sleep 4 hours)

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  1. If they don't get you one way, it will be another won't it Don? Hope you feel better tomorrow. Denise xxx


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