Friday, 22 October 2010

Seaside Regeneration

I discovered a new Twitter and Blogger this morning
It made me realise Margate is not alone in wanting and Needing regeneration. The site has a great article on Margate and I am reading some of the other stuff as well. Regeneration is an emotive word and so many different reactions to it. I personally would like to see more small inexpensive startup units like the ones in Victoria Road. The units are super purpose built and when a friend of mine rented one very very reasonable cost wise. I have looked at shops in the past and the Business Rate was more expensive than the rent.

 The amount of empty shops in Thanet and Margate in particular must be of concern to TDC. To my mind in the current economic climate costs are all important. The article I read was comparing Margate and Folkestone and can be found here. Whilst I realise the economy as it is may deter many from taking the plunge and starting a new business statisticly I believe recession is a good time for start ups. I  am sure many will fail but if you dont try you will never know.


  1. Thanks for the link,very interesting blog and great Margate Old Town is coming along

  2. I agree, you've got to plunge sometimes and like buying houses, this is a good time to go for it if you can afford it. Businesses come and go around here too. Always sad to see them close up as I know someone's dream has been crushed. Thanks for the link. I will take a look. Denise xxx


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