Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My Birthday

Well I got there I am now 55 I have beaten my dad He died at 54 . Well  my day went with a bang literally going for breakfast at Debenhams we got rammed in the side by another car pulling out of a side road. c'est la vie my wife has spent the afternoon sorting insurance companies etc. I need the car at the moment what with Hospital appointments and stuff. Still no one was hurt and it is only a car. I am off for a lay down after a day full of pressies grand kids and cars I am knackered and we have an early start tomorrow Hospital appointment in Canterbury for 9.15 see you all tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday ! Well at least its memorable and I'd imagine seeing the grand kids puts this mornings event in perspective.

  2. Happy belated birthday Don, hope you and Mrs You was not too shaken up yesterday.

  3. Thanks folks We are OK just the hassle of insurance company's now. Tony I am pleased the were not in the car cos the car hit us in the passenger rear door and often we have a child in the car seeat right there.


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