Sunday, 24 October 2010

Manston Airport

Manston seems to be the main topic of  blogging this weekend and I expect it is due to the meeting on Monday. Unfortunately I wont be able to go and show support for Manston. Flybe and others need to know that people do want the airport and that Thanet wants Manston as part of it  future. I know there are those who would rather there were no flights over Ramsgate but airplanes fly over many towns at airports around the world without causing a problem so why should  Ramsgate suddenly become the accident epicentre for air transport disasters remains unclear to me. This week my wife collected a friend from Manston after she had popped up to Manchester to visit her mother, other friends are booking flights from Manston and my brother flew out from Manston for his holiday, so I think with the number of destinations being increased Manston has a future. But at what cost ?
Well Infatil want to have more flexibility so planes that take off from exotic destinations can arrive at a time that fits with other airfields departure times. Is that such a bad thing? Airports around the world work 24 hours a day and we want our airport to only be available three quarters of the day. Those planes that would land at 11.30pm  but face a fine if they are delayed will not be viable financially so operators wont use Manston, Manston gets less income and cant support its self and closes down. We have been there before and I for one support Manston and Night time flights and Flybe and the freight operators. If we don't use it we loose it and what happens then? I know there are those who would like it to become a cabbage field, I wonder how many jobs that would create.
 Talking of jobs Westwood's stores Have created a few haven't they? Big chains like Vue and Game Debenhams Boots and others offering jobs. Jobs my foot 4 hour contracts and getting kids to work 40 hours when and if they need them. And when they try and get other part time work they are told  no you cant NOT BE AVAILABLE you have to work when we need you. What security is there in that. I wont say which firms are the culprits but I don't think it is right to employ someone for months and months on a four hour contract when they are in fact working 40 plus hours a week.
I think thats enough about Manston for one day is that the 11th time I have mentioned it in this post? Yes I am pro the airport and I have lived under it flight path all be it when it was an RAF base. I empathise with those that live there now but we are not nor never will be like Heathrow with movements every few minutes. Sorry I feel we should celebrate the fact we are lucky to have an airport not many people can say they have there own airport.

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