Friday, 15 October 2010

Just checking my stats.

Anyone who reads my other blog will know I fall in the Mark Twain camp when it comes to statistics click here to see . Statistics can be and I have done made to prove a point. I have given statistics to customers and swayed the decision to purchase. Bu t that deviates from the point I was looking at the browser stats and they say 66% of people who visit my blog use firefox and only 25% use internet explorer. Thank goodness more people use Firefox IE is rubbish by comparison and people are voting with their feet IE's stranglehold on the internet is a thing of the past and by the other stat Microsoft are in decline because the system stats show :- Pasting the table in has messed typing up so this may seem disjointed but I tried putting this below the table and failed I wanted to say Half of the viewers are using Mac's  strange really the world in PC but half of the bloggers are Mac? but then as Mark Twain said "statistics statistics and damned lies "
Pageviews by Operating Systems

217 (47%)
217 (47%)
Other Unix
19 (4%)
5 (1%)
1 (<1%)
1 (<1%)
1 (<1%)
Pasting that in 

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