Friday, 22 October 2010

I copied the article below from Tonys BIGNEWS Margate

  I  copied the article below from Tonys  BIGNEWS Margate BLOG it is a reply from Chris Wells to the question how did we get here?
I think it ties in with my last post nicely
Chris Wells said...
How did we get here? Here's at least one clue, Tony, as published in Your Thanet today:

Local Labour – a million miles from a Milliband

So the fratricidal leadership election is over, won by a Milliband (or E Milliband if you want to be precise!) Here’s a man who wants to reconnect with local concerns on the deficit, housing, and public expenditure, to make Labour re electable. Good luck with that one Ed, do you actually know what your people on the ground are proposing?

At a recent Thanet Cabinet meeting, one could be forgiven for thinking the last few years has been simply airbrushed from their history. Faced with a number of items of fairly straightforward council business Labour party members queued up to do what they do best – spend taxpayers money like water without regret, or true understanding of the consequences of their actions. Their response to every item involved either spending money or rejecting the chance to save money.

Dalby Square – they oppose the use of a £1.7 million grant to provide new social housing units, and demand delay that will see the chance to provide new family homes, and the grant, evaporate. Lose £1.7 million income.

East Kent Joint Housing structure – they oppose the provision of better service at lower cost, and demand a £100,000 is spent on a ballot, not required by law, to reaffirm the overwhelming majority in favour from the wide consultation. The additional delay threatens the viability of making the savings. Add £100,000.

Selective Licensing Cliftonville West – a £500,000 project to help with housing difficulties in this critical area. They demand a scheme extended across the whole island at enormous additional cost. Add £500,000.

Countdown to 2011 – this £100,000 project to prepare for Turner Contemporary opening is, according to Labour, too little and too late. Their demands include again extending the scheme across the island. Add £100,000.

Ramsgate THI for coastal shelters – again Labour wants to spend more than the £100,000 proposed. Add £100,000.

Shared Services Vehicle – Labour wants to withdraw from this project, on purely political grounds, and decline the potential saving to the council tax payer. Minus at least £500,000 saving.

There it is; the cost of Labour Party politics for all to see. A £3 million extra burden demanded during the course of one evening, or 20% extra expenditure across the council’s revenue budget.

Come next May, and local elections, Mr Milliband must be desperately hoping voters won’t remember these types of rash demand that Labour constantly makes, or that Conservatives resisted them.

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