Saturday, 30 October 2010

Flying from Manston to Manchester as a disabled passenger

On Monday I flew Fybe  from Manston to Manchester with my wife. It was all a bit of a rush and booked over the internet. I did phone Flybe's  customer services to arrange passenger assistance becauseI am disabled with Multiple sclerosis  and needed to take my electric scooter or wheelchair. I was told that it was no trouble and I would be assisted both ends.We were dropped off by our Son in Law and Grandson and they went off to the pictures at Westwood and went into the terminal. Loads of space and I was surprised by the amount of staff cleaners, security etc. etc.
When the flight desk opened for checking in we were second and duly bags were labeled and then came the scooter. Obviously I still needed it to get around on in the terminal, No problems the chaps who load the aircraft came checked it was dry cell batteries labeled it up and I rode it over to the security check place. I was scanned by the security staff whilst still on the scooter and passed through security into the departure lounge. I was pleased to see loads of people in here as two Flybe  flights were due out ,ours to Manchester and another to Edinburgh. The duty free shop was open and I saw people buying perfume etc and one or two people were having drinks in the bar. I was taken out first and three men sat me in a special seat and got me on to the plane whilst my scooter disappeared and was loaded on to the plane. I took loads of pictures from the planes windows, and was surprised to see the o2 arena the Gurkin and several of the bridges over the Thames.

     At Manchester I was last off and taken onto a special lift and reunited with my precious scooter that was already loaded onto this mobile lift. We were then driven to the arrivals area and collected our baggage. After finding our way to the exit and our awaiting friends who were collecting us I was amazed to find it was just before two, The flying bit had taken about an hour, Three hours with arriving two hours before the flight. Our return Journey by car took 8 hours admittedly from a little further north.
I had to smile when I was Sainsbury and John Lewis in Manchester have their names emblazoned on the roof so people in aircraft know where to shop. Air advertising I wonder who I know who does that?

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