Friday, 22 October 2010

County Council savings

I see from the Isle of Thanet Gazette the County Council have to find savings of 340 Million. According to Kathy Bailes of KRNmedia Managers are to be culled. In Kathy’s  article 7 salaries worth collectively 1.2 MILION a year are up for review. I am amazed at the incompetence of those who are in charge. Suddenly savings have to be made and they look for the biggest figures and they can go. WHY o WHY WERE THEY APPOINTED if now they are not needed. If this waste has been going on for the last  10 years it equates to 12 million quid WASTED. How many of our Local authority’s including our own TDC have been on the gravy train of lets spend a bit more public money, after all there is loads more in the coffers. NO THERE IS NOT common sense must kick in somewhere. In the same paper this week on the opposite page an article says the council want to waste 40,000 euros  exploring the possibility of  developing the existing boatyard into a fully serviced boat facility. WHAT 40.000 EUROS  AND WE ARE NOT A EURO ZONE COUNTRY WE STILL USE THE QUEENS £ 
I pinched picture from Michaels blog
When will we see sense prevail?  We cant keep on spending the odd 40,00 0 euros pounds or dollars. We appoint councillors they employ officers between themselves I am sure they can make a decision. Lat week they wanted a fancy coffee shop next door to a fancy old building they rented out and let the guts and architectural features  be ripped out. Now this week they want to waste more time and money exploring a possibility of converting a boatyard into a BOATYARD? Or is that simplifying things to much. Employ an architect or  use one we must be paying  approve the plans and do it save a shed load of money not exploring the possibility but make it happen. And whilst doing it sell the boats that aint paid there mooring fees and get some in that will pay. If the harbour was run by a private individual who did not eat if someone never paid him what was owed do you think he would have seen his wife and kids die whilst someone with a yacht didn’t bother to pay him his mooring fee’s. GET A GRIP

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