Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Child Benefit

I have just seen Ken Clarke talking from the Tory conference saying about Child Benefit cuts and his words were "lets not forget these cuts are for people earning twice the national average". I agree some one earning FORTY FOUR THOUSAND A YEAR IS WELL OFF.I can understand they are very upset earning best part of  nine hundred quid a week before tax must be a real bummer.I am deeply sorry for them but dont forget they probably also get working tax credits as well or have in the past. I dont like the cuts and this will be the first of many, but some how the deficit has to be reduced.


  1. Don something you have to appreciate is that child tax credit is what replaced the old tax allowance system.

    You got an allowance that you didn’t pay tax on for being married and more for having children.

    I think if they had set an income level on it initially they just wouldn’t have got away with it, as it would have been exactly the same of raising the taxes of all people with children over the limit.

  2. We're all going to be hurting soon but as one commentator pointed out BBC journalists made much of the child benefit cut (perhaps because there in that income group) but very little of the total cap on benefits for those families who exist on the state, which of course pro rata will be far harsher but of course they don't present news programmes.

    Still when I was a kid the welfare state was a safety net for those out of work and now it really has become a lifestyle choice.


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