Sunday, 24 October 2010

British Beach Cross Championships Quad Bike Races

Why can I never find this stuff in advance I found this event on a picture on Michaels Blog. Next weekend Ramsgate plays host to the British Beach Cross Championships.  With the best Quad racers in Europe and a growing list of Solo riders the British Beach Cross is a popular event. Rounds 1 and 2 were at Margate and Ramsgate is host to rounds 3 and 4 CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


  1. Thanks Don I took the picture to remind me to mention it but obviously forgot to look at the picture.

  2. I think I would enjoy being a spectator at one of those races Don. Thanks for stopping by. Denise xxx

  3. does anyone know where a beginner can ride their bike (not in compitions) and be allowed in and around

  4. does anyone know where i can ride my quad bike without getting in trouble as a beginner (not in competitions) thanks

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