Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Birds and the Bees

No this is really about just that , Bees are the bringer of life. Most of what we eat  and drink come to that matter would not be able to pollinate without the helpful Bee. So maybe this charming and under appreciated buzzy little chappy  deserves a round of  applause and helping hand. Bee keeping is a specialised occupation and I am not going into it here because I know little about it but I will link to some Bee keeping sites. One that has been promoted on Barnys site is Bromley Beekeepers’ Association 
they hold local meetings and offer free advice to people who are thinking of joining them and becoming bee keepers. Adopt a BeehiveThe BBKA ( British Beekeepers Association) 
 is running an adopt a hive scheme which sounds a good way of getting involved in this ancient pastime.There are loads of local bee keeping associations CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS of one near you.

Now for the Birds. My last post was about our Parakeets and how the Gold Finches who were camera shy. Well this post is in much the same vein. I just sat at the window drinking my coffee and had the camera ready to get the shots Heather had failed to clinch yesterday. Yep you have guessed it, several finches visited the feeders while I sat there  but did they cooperate, no. So still no piccies  but I did spot a Wren the first one in our garden for about two years and I took some shots of our Collared Doves, they are always ready to be photographed in return for the seed we feed them.So ends my lesson on the BIRDS AND THE BEE'S

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