Thursday, 5 August 2010

Went to Twitter and social networking seminar last night

The event was at the Marlow Innovation Centre Ramsgate by the side of the Marlow Academy. Hosted by John Vinson, Dean who kicked the evening off and Ester who does everything. John can be found on his Blog which is an inspiration in its self  and John and Dean are something to do with ChampionsTV The Thanet promotion site. What did I learn ? Well I am still trying to figure that out, I already twitter and I have three Blogs so I knew some of what was covered and as Dean said this is for novices. I learned that Barny is still rubbish at time keeping (we arrived late sorry everyone) and that I cant read a word of my notes. I will update you as I unpack some of the stuff from last night. And as I try some of the stuff that was suggested like HOOTSUITE I did sign up for HootSuite when I first started tweeting but it was bewildering to me but I think Iuk should have stuck with it because it can save you time on social media stuff.As for Barny and he will have to let you know I was only there to give him moral support and see if I can use anything. I am sure people got a lot out of it and I love the centre over there, I am looking forwards to the next one.Look out for my tweets on Twitter.and add your site or event on to for free advertising and promotion of stuff in Kent plus free classified ads for Kent .


  1. We also signed up to hootsuite and have yet managed how to work it out,on another note we sent some more of our customers down to Ross and they came back happy.

  2. Bacon sandwiches equates to happiness in my book. Hows the week going? I was going to try and get down and see you but it aint going to happen

  3. Hi Don, thanks for stopping by. Wow seems like we are just really near to each other I'm just in Sturry. We went to Margate this week and had swim in sea brooke. Nice blue skies u took, hopefully it'll be like that tomorrow! Cheers!


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