Friday, 6 August 2010

Testicular cancer

I am just going to cut and paste this from my other blog Kentallinoneplace

Testicular Cancer is not a widely spoken about subject. I am 54 and have never been in the pub and asked my mates have you checked  your nuts lately. But recently I have had a scare and it is a worry. I don’t think anything else is more personal but it is a rarely mooted subject with fella’s. We all want to be Hail Fellow well met types but if you like I did discover something out of the ordinary SEEK ADVICE. Don’t leave it. My problem was scanned inside a few days and my mind put at rest. I had a follow  up appointment yesterday and I need a small op. Nothing cancerous so next time I am in the pub mines a pint and a packet of crisps I am right off nuts at the minute.


  1. A very important post Don, well done!

  2. You need to come to Montana and have some Rocky Mountain Oysters (deep fried calf testicles)! Good with our local brew.


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