Thursday, 8 July 2010

Skywatch for thisweek

Been red hot here this week so here are a few from our weekend away at the Preston Steam Fair. CLICK HERE TO SKIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD.Skywatch is a meme of sky pics from around the world have a look see.My sky has been blue what about yours. The green tractor is the same model as my dad bought on the day I was born. Ours was second hand when he bought it but this one has been restored to a fine condition. Anyone who knows there tractors will recognise it as a Field Marshall circa mid 1940's.


  1. Beautiful skies...

    Excellent Photography :-)

    Pixellicious Photos

  2. Great clouds formation and I think you have a great tie at the fair ^_^ Happy Friday!


  3. great cloud patterns..good job.

  4. creative....clouds can be so interesting...

  5. Beautiful SKW photo

    Have a nice weekend


  6. Thanks for stopping by brushstrokes, Don.

    You have some interesting clouds there, and I like that old tractor.

  7. What a pretty sky. And,I love that big wheel tractor, wondering how to ride that kind.

  8. Great skies! I bet that steam fair was fun. We used to go to something similar here. My husband likes any old machinary.


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