Friday, 9 July 2010

NHS shake up GP's role

GP's surgeries are to be given a different role. I am a great lover of the NHS and am old enough to remember small GP practices and trying to get appointments forty years ago was a virtual mission impossible. You had to get past a barrage of questions from the receptionist, so when I hear people moan about about the current system I have to smile as I remember my mum trying to get past our doctors receptionist. I know the reason for this exercise is to save money but I wish the changes all the best.


  1. This was tried with GP fundholding several years ago. It was an unmitigated disaster and ended up with post code lotteries. It must be remebered that GP's are contractors of the NHS and look to make a profit and generally do so whenever there is an opportunity. With the Quality Outcomes Framework, the GPs ended up being paid twice for work that they were already doing and having to conform to ridiculously low standards. And who was the government advisor in all of this - A GP

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