Thursday, 17 June 2010

Margate Big Event

Margate pays host to what has become THE BIG EVENT or its airshow to you and me. I want everyone to come to Margate and Thanet but I want to get support for local business as well. So instead of joining the throngs of visitors that come each year and who only spend money with the amusements and food vendors who swan in for the event and then take their hard earned money out of the Island try  a different view this year. I am course  going to push for a trip to Botany Bay where you can sit for free on the cliffs and see the airshow  without the crowds and without having to fork out  for rides on the amusements. If you have got kids you can save a fortune  on food by visiting Ross at the Botany Bay Beach Kiosk who sells fast food and ice creams and hires deck chairs sells wind breaks etc. If you do go and visit Ross say hi from me and tell him you read my blog.

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  1. You are a wonderful ambassador for Thanet Don. Have a great time looking at the show.


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