Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Disability rip off

 I already new that stuff aimed at the disabled is a rip off but tonight it was confirmed. I have had tremors for ages but of late they have got worse and eating is a problem. Today the physio  suggested weighted cutlery may help. My wife went to the local store and one item a knife a fork or a spoon was twenty two pounds each. RIP OFF OR WHAT ? I went online and found a set of four for fifty quid and I wont be getting that either I am going to make some weighted wrist bands and see if that helps.


  1. These are an example of a complete rip-off. I got a knife , fork and spoon with hard foam handles from Social Services. No it wasn't Kent Social Services the only thing they're liable to give you is a free flight to Dignitas in Zurich.

    See here for what they look like

    You can get a full set for under 16 quid here

  2. Which shop Don, maybe we should know to avoid.


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