Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Budget Report

As most people will have heard today is Budget day and I unlike the Socialist Workers Party decided to comment after the event not as you can see from Michaels blog Ramsgate had protesters before the budget, me thinks it's part of their obligation that when they join they sign up to any protest and avoid work as much as possible. Enough slagging the Socialist Workers Party and lets get round to the Budget. I wont be buying any large ticket items so the VAT will make the car a bit more expensive to run. I dont get child  benefit or tax relief for having a job paying me 40 grand a year and not being able to pay for school uniform ( when I had kids no such thing as child tax credit) so no change for me there. I will have to have a medical because I am Disabled I cant walk can hardly stand and genuinely have Multiple Sclerosis so have nowt to worry about  there. Capital gains tax ?? I wish. Public sector jobs being cut, well that will affect me but with over 40% of the workforce in the Public sector it had to happen sooner or later, but with the gold plated pensions I bet there will be a queue for redundancy. All in all I dont mind the budget to me its the same whoever is in power I wont win its the size of the  losses that worry me.

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