Monday, 21 June 2010

Been busy on my other blog

Been blogging on a Wordpress site to see how it works so I have neglected this one, and I had a week away in Shropshire. So if anyone missed me (as if) I am fine and now trying to catch up with my emails and come to terms with some new medication. E-mails are easy but the new tablets are a challenge. I have to start them on a low dose and increase every four days. Sounds fine but I am 8 days in and still on the low dose as all they do is make me sleep, so there is another reason for not blogging much.
The holiday was good. I had never been to Ironbridge and wanted to check out the museums about the Industrial Revolution. They didn't disappoint, we got a passport that allows entry into ten local museums and was valid for a year. The weather was great for  doing museums so we managed to bag most of the ten. I managed a bit of bird watching  and eat rather a lot, so all in all a great week was had. I dont think Thanet has changed too noticeably while we were away and the rotten weather followed us back to Thanet. Maybe we should have gone away some other time as I feel responsible for the bad weather at Margate's Big Event. Ross never managed to open at all so all my coaxing people to go and see him was in vane. I hope the traders at the main arena took more than he did.
I am not sure how I feel about the event as any money generated seems to be away from Margate town and those who do earn are the fairground rides. But the cash taken by those rides is now being spent in Essex or were ever those who own the rides live. Even the council who charged £2.00 to get in to the Big Event area so you could spend your hard earnt cash must realize not too many locals eart any extra this weekend.


  1. You scoundrel! Shropshire, indeed! Hope you had a nice time.

  2. Sounds like you had a nice holiday. Hope the new medicine works out and you adjust to it better soon. Will add you to my prayer list.

  3. I love Ironbridge, such a great place. Did you walk up the gorge and onto the top?


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