Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday Blues

Slow start to the day. Daughter has just been for lunch with grandson, he was on fine form having just been to the cinema at Westwood Cross and seen Bob The Builder. In my day it  was Saturday Morning pictures. I dont expect to go far today and I may even have a lay down as I still feel rough after my fall check out my fall on my other blog . I cant believe how rough it made me feel. Still it looks damp out there so maybe bed is the best place.  I just found a listing on Kent.all-in-one-place for a Stately Home Boot Fair in September at  Leeds Castle sounds good fun. I haven't been to a boot fair for yonks. Right enough of my inane drivel I need sleep.


  1. A stately home boot fair does sound like a lot of fun. Feel better soon Don.

  2. I would love to go the boot fair, stall holders are by invite only and are selling for charity. sounds fun.


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