Thursday, 20 May 2010

Summer Residence built

In other words the beach hut is down.We have had a beach hut at Westbrook for nearly 30 years. The kids loved it and now their kids get to enjoy it. Westbrook is a super beach with life guards during the season  and a cafe selling hot food and ice creams. I would say visit this lovely safe beach that has been awarded loads of blue flags for  a guarantee to tourists that a beach or marina they are visiting is one of the best in the world. but if I get you to visit Westbrook it will become even busier so go find a Blue fag beach of your own Thanet has loads as soon as I clicked on the  blue flag website a Broadstairs beach came up. It was Botany Bay Ross will be pleased his Beach Kiosk deserves a mention for his bacon sandwiches .


  1. Lovely beach and always looked at those beach huts and wish our family had one. Always so colorful and inviting.

  2. I hope you mean up and not down Don.

  3. I mean both Michael it is down on the sand and has been put up. I have to say thanks to Phil and Darrel for a fine job done. And a big AHHHHHH to Darrel who put thumb before hammer and drew lots of blood.


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