Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Ridiculous Price of Petrol in Thanet

Price of Petrol in Thanet was talked about when me and my mate Phil came round today. He seems to think Sainsbury's and Tesco have a cartel and BP at Garlinge is the most expensive petrol in the world. In Canterbury Asda  keep the prices down because they charge the  same prices all over the country. Tesco claims it cost more to deliver fuel too Thanet than it does to Canterbury. I think we should get Asda to sell petrol at Broadstairs and start a fuel price war


  1. How long were you and your mate Phil unconscious for?

  2. When we leave this Isle we always plan to fill up with fuel else where.
    Almost everywhere is cheaper than Thanet, except Dover. If I'm going on a long journey I set off with just enough to get me out of Kent and fill up before returning. the different in price between here and central England can be huge, may be 0.05p per litre.


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