Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The NHS is marvelous

 The National Health service is marvellous. I have always defended our Health service and when the Americans slated it last year I got into several heated blog debates with me singing its virtues. Once again it has showed why it is so good. Last Monday I spoke on the telephone with my GP and arranged to see him on Wednesday at ten. As the result of an examination for something else he spotted a lump and said he wanted an Ultrasound done. Saturday morning a letter arrived with an appointment for 11.45 am on Tuesday. We arrived early because me being in a wheelchair slows life down somewhat. We pulled into the car park at 11.15 and luck was with us all the disabled spots were taken but just as we were about to start hunting for a bay a chap returned to his car and we waited a few minutes and were parked. My wife spoke to the receptionist who directed us to the correct department . I was examined and we left the QEQM at 11.41 job done. We were lucky, yes but I think we are lucky to have the National Health service and I want to GIVE A BIG than you to all our Health Service Workers.


  1. Its not luck that the health service is as good as it is today. Its something to do with the heavy investment by the prevous Labour government.
    I know there are some areas that could be improved but not eveything can be dome at once. Gone are the days when you waited 18 months for many types of operation.
    We wait with anticipation to see what the new government do with the NHS.

    My main complain regsarding health is why KCC need to run the Health Watch service that costs us council tax payers £300,000 kast year to answer 600 calls to the service. Any user of the NHS service knows who you contact if you have a medical need or a complaint against the NHS.

  2. Good question why its needed? jobs for the boys me thinks at 50 quid a call it sounds expensive

  3. Got results back today nothing too serious yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. It is lovely to hear the positive side of the National Health Service Don. My Dad always sang its praises. Very happy to hear that your results were positive. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my tea post too. I am going to have to try the Twinnings, I am sure they sell it at World Market. And by the way, you are one in a million to make your wife tea in bed all these years. And I also enjoy a cup of good coffee. Wishing you and your dear wife a very happy weekend. Denise xxx


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