Sunday, 9 May 2010

Excitement over what shall we do now?

Well after the shenanigans of the last week I am somewhat deflated and am wondering what to do next. Time and tide wait for no man   so having been asked by Ross can I do a bit more to raise the google rankings of St.Georges Garage and the fact that they are Audi Volkswagen service specialists and that Seat and Skoda are part of the VAG group now. so as I have said before the promise of a bacon sarnie and I am your man. So for two bacon sarnies I mention the fact that   St.Georges Garage service Mercedes Benz  in Margate. Lots of the customers from when St.Georges Garage used to be a main dealer for Volkswagen are now getting their cars serviced in Cliftonville and save themselves trips to Canterbury. So this post will be part of my efforts to help him, google crawl these blogs all day and night searching for links to raise websites rankings. I you have a website link to it off of your blog. Not all the time because people will get bored and not visit you but occasional posts like this will help raise your profile with google . I do the same with Barnys website Kent.all-in-one-place and it has got his site from page 13 when he started to front page most of the time. A seo specialist (that is SEO search engine optimisation ) will probably say I am going about it the hard way and what I need to do or rather Ross and Barny need to do is give him loads of dosh and he will raise their website rankings to undreamed of levels. While that may be true and some of you web guru's out there will let me know this way is free and I enjoy trying to help others. Now I am going to go back over this and get rid of the spell checkers red lines  over the last few weeks the MS has been giving me the shakes so typing has become an interesting challenge. A challenge I wont give in to I have lost so much due to it I wont give it my computer. Any one suffering with Multiple sclerosis can find loads of stuff  on the MS Society website I often find myself on there looking for tips. Have a good Sunday, Don

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