Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Bank holiday Blues

Spent yesterday with family for the Bank Holiday. Just as well it was our grandsons birthday because everything we had arranged to do was called off due to the weather. Ross didn't open the beach kiosk due to being freezing down there and a hail storm when he did go down. Still at least I got  some birthday cake. I hope others managed to do better. I know Ross will be thankful to get back to the Garage today and sell some more Mercedes.
I had to laugh, after my exploits of trying to put a Youtube clip in a post yesterday I saw Gordon Brown on a clip just know. Well I saw two clips one of him addressing  a rally and one of  him calling a life long Labour supporter a Bigot. Both clips were on google ads and I can only imagine one was put up onto Youtube by Labour and the other by Conservatives. I will leave you to judge who put what up but booth are being paid for to appear high in google, so some one is spending a small fortune.
Back to me, I am just starting another course of antibiotics. My life seems to be a constant stream of infections at the moment, but one good thing is a Village Pantry roll came with this lot. Beef and onion my favourite. If you have never tried a Village  Pantry roll I have to encourage you to do so but get there early coss they sell out every day.

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  1. I can not blame Ross for not opening up, we did until around 2-3pm then shut up and took Caitlin to Broadstairs to the fair, it was far too cold and windy for my liking.


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