Thursday, 1 April 2010

What shall I do next

I have opened my e-mails deleted the spam entered a competition to win loads of camera gear, What shall I do now. My wife will be home soon so no crosswords or anything to taxing . I am looking out of the window and a local policeman has just stopped his car and is talking to two pedestrians shall I go and be nosey? No by the time I get downstairs on the stairlift the world will have moved on.You may have guessed I AM BORED. The world looks nice out there with blue sky and sunshine, but I know I will freeze if I go out so I will have to settle for News at One on the  telly and a sandwich. I hope the weather stays fine as Ross is opening the Kiosk down at Botany bay. So those who fancy a good bacon sarnie and sea views pop down and see him. Here is a link to the kiosk so another season starts for Thanet. I hope everyone has a good Easter and if you fancy it Thanet churches will be holding a sunrise service about six oclock on Botany Beach.


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