Friday, 9 April 2010

Pegwell Bay Nature Park Trip and Bacon Rolls

Botany Bay Kiosk and the steps !
Just got back from a trip to Pegwell Nature Park. It was mobbed loads of cars and people enjoying the sunshine. I have to recommend the Bacon Rolls from the little kiosk their super tasting and good value. I would like  to be able to get down to see Ross at Botany Bay  but as you can see all those steps, I might be able to get down with lots of help but the return trip in a wheelchair would be a big no no. I never used to take any notice of people in wheelchairs but since I have had to use one its been a steep learning curve. Still lets not worry about wheelchair access and dropped curbs (or the lack of them) but tell you about the Nature Park. I will post some picture tonight, its great there easy access and sea views but do remember to pay for parking. The tide was out today and a chap was out in the bay digging lug worms, I didn't see any seals but they are often spotted from the car park.I did see a Sparrow Hawk hovering in search of prey, always great to watch as they hang on the wind waiting for some poor unsuspecting vole or the like to become dinner. Its been great the last two days being able to get out and see a few birds, I have got my total up to 39 for the year good going seeing as I haven't got out of the car yet.

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  1. Bacon Sarnies today and Duck eggs yesterday? Sounds so yummy I'm quite jealous. Have a lovely weekend Don. Looks like a lovely place but I can see where those steps would seem like a mountain.


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